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Forensic Weather Analysis: Providing a Clear Look at Past Weather Situations

Situations occasionally arise where it is important to know exactly what the weather conditions were at a past time in a specific place. Some of these situations may involve confirming conditions that contributed to an insurance claim, dealing with a business situation that was impacted by weather, or a personal situation in which the weather played a role. Locus Weather can examine available weather data and reconstruct weather patterns to provide this type of information. Often these matters end up in the legal system, and Locus Weather has experience consulting with attorneys and providing expert testimony to assist in their resolution.

Forensic Research and Analysis is the process of gathering and analyzing relevant past weather data to help define the weather pattern at an earlier time. Often the goal of the process is to determine what the weather conditions were at a particular time and place. Sometimes the precise weather conditions cannot be established with complete certainty, and in these cases, the use of data and a reconstructed weather pattern can allow a meteorologist to render a professional opinion as to what the most likely conditions at the time and place of interest were. Fees for Forensic Research and Analsysis are $125 per hour, plus any data acquisition costs incurred.

Legal Consultation involves applying the forensic research and analysis to a specific legal action. In these situations, Locus Weather will work with attorneys to determine if the data and analysis will be beneficial to their case, and will render an opinion on how strongly (or not) the data support the case. Suggestions for methods to proceed with the case as it relates to the weather data will be provided. Fees for Legal Consultation are $175 per hour.

Locus Weather can provide Expert Testimony if needed once the forensic research and analysis is complete. We will work with attorneys prior to any court appearance to make suggestions for lines of questioning, and for the conclusions which should be elicited from the data. Possible lines of cross-examination will also be explored. The goal is to support the case in the most understandable manner possible in the eyes of the jury. Fees for Expert Testimony are $250 per hour plus travel expenses. A minimum of four hours will be charged for each court appearance.

A clear and convincing presentation by an expert witness is invaluable in persuading a jury to reach a verdict in your favor.