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General Weather Forecast Product List and Fee Schedule

General Forecast Service provides a daily weather summary and detailed 5 day forecast delivered by email. The format of the forecast will be tailored to the client’s geographic area of interest and special needs. Unlimited email and telephone consulation is included. Forecasts will be updated for unexpected changes in current weather conditions. Fee for General Weather Forecast Service is $245 per week.

Targeted Event Weather Forecasts provide services for a particular place, day, and time. Daily weather summaries and detailed forecasts are provided beginning three days prior to the event and continuing until the day of the event. Forecasts are tailored to meet the needs of the event, and unlimited email and telephone consultation is included. Fee for Targeted Event Weather Forecasts is $195 for events up to one day in duration.

Custom Forecast Services can be designed when standard products do not meet the needs of a given situation. Such custom forecasts may include longer range forecasts, focused details for certain meteorological parameters, and specialzed analysis. Locus Weather will make sure you get the information you need. Fees for Custom Forecast Services will be quoted on an individual basis.

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