—Locus Weather—

Providing the meteorological analysis required to make good decisions

Weather Forecast Services Can Be Designed For Any Need

Locus Weather prides itself on being able to understand any situation, and to provide the weather information needed to make critical decisions for that situation. Nearly all human activity is affected by weather, so the types of services which can be provided are truly unlimited.

Possible users and uses of weather forecast services:

Construction Companies and Contractors - Planning critical outdoor work

Photographers and Film Producers - Finding the right conditions for outdoor shoots

Retail Outlets - Managaing inventory for weather sensitive product sales

Municipal Public Works Departments - Snow and ice control, flooding mitigation, road construction

School Districts and Large Employers - Winter weather and severe weather cancellations

Resorts and Restaurants - Anticipating tourist traffic based on weather

Transportation Industry - Anticipating weather related delays locally, nationally, and worldwide

Entertainment and Sports Industry - Making critical decisions for outdoor events

Individuals - Planning for weddings, family gatherings, and other events; protection of property

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