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Forecast Services for Yacht Races

Weather conditions are a key factor for yachts participating in ocean races. Knowledge of the weather pattern and an accurate forecast can make enough difference to push a yacht from the middle of the pack to the top finishers. Locus Weather provides weather support for yacht racing which includes pre-race weather briefings, detailed forecasts for the duration of the race, and strategy suggestions taliored to the expected performance of each yacht. Compared to the other costs of this sport, the cost of having a meteorologist as part of your shoreside crew is very reasonable, and it could be the best investment you make.

The service includes individual briefings beginning two days prior to the race start. This allows the skipper and crew, in addition to receiving a race forecast package, to interact with the meteorlogist and ask specific questions about the weather pattern, uncertainties in the forecast and their implications, and possible race strategies. Briefings will be provided by videoconference. For selected races, on site (in person) meetings can be arranged.

For some races, particularly shorter races, a general weather briefing may be offered to a large audience with the option for individual consultation as well. Locus Weather will also work with race organizers to provide meteorological support for the entire fleet.

Use this link for forecast service details, featured races and fees.