—Locus Weather—

Providing the meteorological analysis required to make good decisions

Locus Weather Was Founded in 1991 in Camden, Maine

Owner and Founder Ken McKinley earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Atmospheric Science from Cornell University, and attended graduate school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he participated in research applying doppler radar data to meteorological applications. He worked for a large meteorological consulting firm for ten years providing forecast services to a variety of clients worldwide. In 1991 he founded Locus Weather. While a large variety of clients are served, a significant portion of the business is focused on the maritime community. McKinley has become well known in recreational yachting circles and has provided weather routing services for many yachts worldwide. He has also supported a variety of commercial marine operations for many years. Email Ken directly at ken@locusweather.com

Kevin Williams earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Atmospheric Science from Cornell University and currently operates a meteorological consulting firm in Rochester, NY. He has extensive experience in forensic meteorology and has provided crictical consulations to countless attorneys over many years, appearing in court many times as an expert witness. He also has extensive experience in broadcast meteorology and is an accomplished weather forecaster. He frequently consults with Locus Weather on forensic and legal matters and also provides forecasting support to Locus Weather clients.

Tyler Curtis-Southard earned an Associates Degree in Television News Studies and a Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology from Lyndon (VT) State College. He has served as a broadcast meteorologist for television stations in Macon, GA, Fort Smith, AR, and Rockland, ME. He has experience in forecasting for the energy, transportation and aviation industries and is well versed in video production techniques. He provides forecasting support to Locus Weather clients.