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Providing the meteorological analysis required to make good decisions

The Long Term Data Record Can Be Useful

In planning for certain activities, it can be useful to gain an understanding of typical weather patterns and the values of certain weather parameters for a given location at a certain time of year. Sometimes it is important to know how average weather conditions change through a season or even through the entire year. This can be done by examining the weather data record over a period of years, and by using resources which have been developed to show the typical behavior of weather systems impacting the location of interest. Situtations where this type of research would be useful include making decisions about how to site a building, planning for a significant project that is sensitive to certain aspects of the weather, making calculations about energy usage, planning seasonal business activities, and others.

Climatological Studies can be undertaken by Locus Weather to present the relevant data record in an understable manner and to make recommnedations about planinng for weather sensitive activities. By first gaining an understanding of the situation which necessitates an examination of the data, we can hone in on the most useful data for the situation and produce a report which will provide actionable information. Fees for Climatological Studies are $125 per hour, plus any data acquisition costs incurred.