A Better Way to Obtain Weather Forecasts and Information

There is a tremendous amount of weather information available these days on the internet, through apps on smartphones and tablets, and on radio and television. Even so, how many times have you found yourself unable to get the particular information you need? Or how many times have you been confused by information or data that is unclear, or by conflicting information from different sources? Have you ever muttered to yourself, “I just which I could find out exactly what I need to know!”

These are situations where Locus Weather can help. Whether you are planning a trans-oceanic passage aboard your yacht, or your business has critical decisions to make based on the weather, or you need to know what to expect for your daughter’s outdoor wedding, engaging a professional meteorologist who will take the time to understand your unique situation, and then provide you with the information you need in a friendly, easy to understand manner will make your life much easier.

Locus Weather has been providing superior service since 1991. During that time, custom weather routing has been provided to hundreds of voyaging yachts around the world, thousands of specialized forecasts have been prepared for many different types of businesses and events, innumerable radio weathercasts have been made, critical consulations have been provided to attorneys, custom climatological studies have been done, and much more.

If your personal or business situation depends on the weather, Locus Weather can make a positive difference for you in terms of safety, efficiency, profit, enjoyment, or just peace of mind. The links above will direct you to more detailed information about the services we offer. Contact us by phone or email for answers to your specific questions.

We look forward to serving you soon!