—Locus Weather—

Providing the meteorological analysis required to make good decisions

Forecasts Can be Provided for all Types of Ocean Passages

Locus Weather has been working with commerical marine interests for many years. Services are available for all areas of the world, and we work with all types of vessels. We pride ourselves in gaining a full understanding the special needs of every passage prior to departure. We will gather information about the vessel, including expected speed of advance, nature of the cargo, and any special considerations. We also will make sure to understand the limits of weather and sea conditions that can be endured, and what the scheduling constraints are. It is also important for us to understand your expectations of the forecast service.

Our services have two main goals, first to avoid weather conditions which pose a threat to the vessel and the crew; second to assist in making decisions regarding time of departure and routing in order to take advantage of favorable weather conditions and to minimize the duration of encounter of adverse conditions. Sometimes our recommendations may not be ideal from the point of view of completing the passage on schedule, but if we think that there is a threat to safety, we won’t hesitate to inform you so that the most reasoned and prudent decisions can be made.

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