—Locus Weather—

Providing the meteorological analysis required to make good decisions

Forecast Information Can Be Provided for All Types of Ocean Voyages

Locus Weather has been serving ocean voyaging yachts since 1991. Services are available for all areas of the world, and we work with all types of yachts, from smaller singlehanded boats to professionally crewed superyachts, both sail and power. We pride ourselves in getting to know our clients and their sailing philosophies. This allows us to give the most reasoned advice possible for each situation.

The first step for all services is for us to learn about your planned trip. We will gather information about your boat, about the nature of the passage, and about your philosophy of ocean voyaging. We want to understand what type of weather conditions you are willing to put up with, what limitations the boat has, what scheduling constraints you are under, and generally what sort of a trip you envision. It is also important for us to understand your expectations of the forecast service.

Our services have two main goals: first, to help you avoid weather conditions which pose a threat to the vessel and the crew; second, to assist in making decisions regarding time of departure and routing in order to take advantage of favorable weather conditions and minimize exposure to unfavorable conditions, leading to the most enjoyable passage possible. Sometimes our advice may not be what you want to hear, but if we think weather conditions will be unacceptable for your passage, we won’t hesitate to tell you so that you can make the most informed decisions possible.

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